Month: February 2024

Iran’s Pars 1 satellite enters space following Russian launch

Iran's state media said on Thursday that Russia had launched an Iranian research satellite into orbit that will

China aims to put first Chinese on the moon before 2030

China stated on official media CCTV on Thursday that it hopes to send the first Chinese person to

TikTok is removing all Universal Music-related songs

As a royalty dispute with Universal songs Group (UMG) rages on, TikTok is being compelled to remove additional

EA will lay off 5% of its employee

According to a filing Electronic Arts filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Wednesday, the video game

Mars After Midnight hits the Playdate console on March 12

During a recent demo event for its portable Playdate system, Panic unveiled more than a dozen future exclusive

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile will arrive on March 21

After much anticipation, Activision has finally disclosed the release date for Call of Duty players to play the

Vodafone’s major change to its network and how it could affect you

Vodafone has deactivated its 3G network, so some phones are no longer need to browse the internet while

Your daily horoscope for Thursday, February 29, 2024

Today is ideal for lofty dreams, as the universe offers a powerful impetus to pursue them. Are you

Google working to fix “unacceptable” Gemini AI – CEO

CEO Sundar Pichai of Google sent a memo to staff on Tuesday informing them that the company is

Nintendo lawsuit accuses Yuzu of ‘piracy at a colossal scale’

Nintendo has launched legal action against the developers of Yuzu, a well-known Switch emulator that allows users to

Yahoo Mail down as millions report problem with email app

Yahoo Mail has had app-related issues for millions of customers, and the company has stated that a solution

Russian satellite and US spacecraft to pass dangerously near each other – NASA

NASA said in a blog post early on Wednesday that the Russian Cosmos 2221 satellite and the Thermosphere