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WhatsApp users say the changes are “enough to make them delete the app”

There has been a little update to WhatsApp: it is now greener. It has not gone unnoticed that portions of

Tinder now makes it easier to share date details with family and friends

A new feature on Tinder allows users to share their excitement for a date with loved ones while also serving

House votes in favor of bill that might prohibit TikTok, delivering it to the Senate

On Saturday, the US House of Representatives passed a bill that would force TikTok to be sold or banned nationwide.

TikTok is working to improve its “For You” suggestions

TikTok is increasing fines for producers who post potentially "problematic" content and limiting its guidelines for what can be suggested

TikTok Notes is basically Instagram for your TikTok account

A brand-new app that TikTok is testing is just for sharing images with text updates. TikTok Notes is the app's

X will no longer permit users to conceal their blue checks

X will no longer let users to conceal their blue checks, whether or whether they have a premium subscription. The

Instagram’s status update feature is coming to user profiles

Notes, Instagram's status update feature, will soon have a larger presence within the app. Notes were previously only accessible through

Instagram introduces more features to deal with sextortion

Instagram has released additional security measures aimed at shielding users—especially youth—from "sextortion" and misuse of private photos. Owner of the