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Philips Hue users report that the app lacks important information

It doesn't seem like the Philips Hue app has a feature that lets users know how many lights

TikTok users are urged to contact their representatives on attempts to ban the app

TikTok is intensifying its legal defense against a new law that can result in the app's outright prohibition

Twitch is redesigning its mobile app for the first time since 2019

Twitch is redesigning its mobile app for the first time since 2019. The company's CEO, Dan Clancy, wrote

Yahoo Mail down as millions report problem with email app

Yahoo Mail has had app-related issues for millions of customers, and the company has stated that a solution

Security To Take Into Account When Choosing A Messaging App

A normal person uses many instant messaging apps each day. The habit of communicating using instant messaging applications

Instagram crashes, making the app unavailable to thousands of users

Today, Instagram has been experiencing sporadic disruptions that prevent thousands of users from using the app. The social

Tesla’s iPhone app now supports digital car key support with ultra wideband

In the 2024.2.3 version of the software for iPhones, the Tesla app now supports ultra wideband (UWB). It

An Apple Vision Pro app is allegedly planned for YouTube

The Verge reports that a YouTube representative confirmed Google's plans to create a native Vision Pro app while