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Chinese hacking of US officials was “preventable” – Cyber board

The U.S. Cyber Safety Review Board criticized technology behemoth Microsoft for its willful lack of transparency and cybersecurity

Chinese Scientist jailed for gene-editing babies is now working back in a lab

Treating genetic illnesses is the current focus of a Chinese Scientist who was imprisoned for producing the first

Tesla to score Chinese electric car ban over national security, while BYD dismisses the soft US EV market

When asked if BYD intends to use its future EV manufacturing in Mexico to export to the US

China aims to put first Chinese on the moon before 2030

China stated on official media CCTV on Thursday that it hopes to send the first Chinese person to

How a Chinese rocket failure in Indonesia benefited Elon Musk’s SpaceX

An attempt by the archipelago to fortify its communication networks was severely hampered when a Chinese rocket malfunctioned

Xiaomi claims India’s Scrutiny of Chinese Firms Unnerves Suppliers

China's Xiaomi has informed New Delhi that, in light of the government's intense inspection of Chinese businesses, suppliers