Month: January 2024

WhatsApp Web will soon enable you enjoy NSFW chats in the office

There's good news for WhatsApp users who enjoy monitoring their communications while at work: Chat Lock will soon

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles could disappear from TikTok

After a major dispute broke out between the social media site and the artists' record label, this might

Tech bosses to testify regarding child safety

Today in Washington, tech titans like Mark Zuckerberg of Meta and Linda Yaccarino of X are scheduled to

How to Order for Oraimo Products Online

Buying Oraimo products online is one of the easiest thing ever! You don't only get to decide on

Judge blocks Elon Musk ‘unfathomable’ $56bn Tesla pay deal

Elon Musk was granted a $55.8 billion (£44 billion) compensation package by the electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla in

Musk claims first human has been implanted with his ‘Telepathy’ brain chip

Telepathy, a wireless brain chip, was successfully implanted into a human for the first time, according to news

Elon Musk’s neural implants may be a game-changer or the Black Mirror Nightmare

The announcement that Elon Musk's Neuralink has successfully implanted a wireless brain chip in a human for the

Your daily horoscope for Wednesday, January 31, 2024

The stars shine light on our inner feelings and light on our way. Libra, Disclosing is the first

iOS 18 update: The top 5 most anticipated features on iPhones

The impending iOS 18 upgrade has generated a lot of enthusiasm. Here are a few innovative features that

AI will be essential, just like electricity and the internet – Vondy AI co-founder Rohit Das

Vondy AI is an all-in-one platform that offers dynamic solutions for content production and productivity enhancement. The platform's

GPT Mentions will be released by OpenAI; see what this feature can achieve

The feature has not yet been made available to more people; it is still in the beta phase.

Meta releases powerful ‘Code Llama 70B’, a potent open-source coding tool to compete with GitHub Copilot

Derived from Llama 2, Code Llama has been optimized to produce computer code. Researchers and developers can now