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Tesla is reportedly getting ‘absolutely hard core’ about more layoffs – Elon Musk

Tesla has only been cutting jobs by 10 percent over the past two weeks, which has affected at least 14,000

Elon Musk will talk about allowing full self-driving in China

According to media sources, Elon Musk is in Beijing to talk about getting Tesla vehicles in China equipped with autonomous

Tesla previews ride-hailing experience ahead of the August robotaxi unveiling

Tesla has released a peek of an anticipated ride-hailing function in its app, ahead of the August robotaxi reveal. The

Tesla drops the price of its controversial Full Self-Driving software by $4,000

In the US and Canada, Tesla has lowered the cost of its full self-driving software. The so-called Full Self-Driving (FSD)

New Kia EV5 mid-size electric SUV pricing revealed

The Kia EV5's price and further information have been revealed in a different nation. The electric car model was first

Tesla says it’s ending the referral program and cutting the price of the Model Y, X, and S in the US

Tesla has reduced the beginning costs of its Model Y, Model X, and Model S for customers in the US

The Self-driving cars safety project launched

Self-driving car technology is being applied safely thanks to the start of a project. As self-driving cars become accessible, the

Cybertruck deliveries halted over safety issue β€” reports point to accelerator pedal

With the Cybertruck, Tesla appears to be having trouble breaking even. Owners of Cybertrucks were reportedly experiencing catastrophic breakdowns soon