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iOS music apps in the EU can now redirect users to external websites for purchase

If you reside in a nation that is a member of the European Union, Apple will make it

Apple to allow iOS apps to be distributed on EU websites

Only a few days after allowing iOS users in the European Union to access third-party app stores, Apple

Experts caution closing apps might damage your phone

It's recommended that iPhone users cease shutting down their apps as it's damaging the gadget, according to experts.

Apple says home screen web apps will no longer function on European iOS devices

Apple has provided an explanation in updated developer notes obtained by TechCrunch for why it is blocking progressive

EU says Apple won’t have to integrate iMessage with other messaging apps

For the time being, no one is able to breach Apple's blue bubble. After conducting a study, officials

A guide to parental controls on social media apps

The chief executives of social media companies testified before Congress in January, answering inquiries on the exploitation of