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Google to destroy browsing data collected from Chrome’s Incognito mode

The class-action lawsuit against Google over Chrome's surveillance of users using Incognito mode saw its first details surface

Chrome’s new version for Windows laptops with Snapdragon chips is much faster – Google

For Windows laptops with Qualcomm Snapdragon CPUs, Google has released a new version of Chrome. The Snapdragon version

Microsoft once again ask Chrome users to try Bing through unblockable pop-ups

On Windows 10 and 11, Microsoft has been pushing Bing pop-up advertisements in Chrome. The advertisement on Friday,

Google Chrome’s Safe Browsing feature adds real-time security against harmful websites

Google claims to be improving Chrome's built-in Safe Browsing mode to provide enhanced security against nefarious websites. Up

Google has now detailed the changes ahead of Thursday’s DMA deadline

This Thursday is the deadline for complying with the Digital Markets Act (DMA) of the European Union, and

Google Chrome’s latest features can allow search even when network connection is bad

For its Chrome browser, Google has now revealed three new capabilities that will enable "more helpful suggestions." While

Chrome’s most recent experimental AI feature can assist you with writing

With the release of Chrome M122, Google has integrated an experimental generative AI function into its browser. The